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Re: jarred baby food stools vs homemade food

Originally Posted by cassie.sattler View Post
i didnt know you could get eaths best on wic. well the one jar i bought of earths best was actually solidly formed when he pooped! ill switch next month and see how it goes! sadly rainbow only had gerber and beech nut. i chose beech nut...
I'm pretty sure you can only get what is listed on the tickets or in the pamphlet that lists all the approved foods. If you want a different brand it has to be prescribed by your doctor as well as a reason for the Rx. At least that's what I was told by my case worker. We get WIC to, but I don't like the jarred food so I just use my veggie coupon to get the foods to make for bean. Otherwise it would be to expensive to make her food homemade.
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