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tubal regret and reversal. need major support.

I have been blessed with five children (four are with me a.d one angel). I did not have the easiest pregnancies. I had gd with all of them and severe gd with the last two. My last baby was a preemie because of the complications of gd. I was so frightened by this that I signed the papers for a tubal.
It has been the worst decision I've ever made. I now have PTLS and have been put on bcp just to have a normal cycle. The pain and frustration of this just increases the depression I feel about my decision to have a tubal.
Prior to the tubal, I was not a supporter of birth control. I wanted the decision to be left up to God. The decision of the tubal was forced on me by the scare tatics of an OBGYN who works with my dr. My OBGYN questioned my decision when he found out.
Anyway, I just want to hear stories of reversals, good and bad. Even if the only thing I get out of the reversal is relief from PTLS, it will be so worth it.

Thanks for "listening"!!!
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