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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Jan 1-15)

Originally Posted by leviandgarettsmom View Post
I am really struggling the past couple days & I HATE IT!!!
I agree with the other mamas - baby is bigger than a couple weeks ago, but so is your uterus, so he's got more room to hide and run away.
It can take a good while to find the hb even at this point, which is why most Drs don't try until after 12 weeks.
for better luck in a few days. I want to say I would put away the doppler for a couple days and try again - maybe wait until 12 weeks - but likely I would try tomorrow and if I couldn't find it, would call and get things checked out.

Originally Posted by TS8213 View Post
Happy New Year, ladies! Hoping 2013 brings us all of our sweet, rainbow squishies!
Happy New Year! And AMEN to that!!!

Originally Posted by Sunshine915 View Post
I'm 30 weeks today. Really. How on Earth did that happen? Like, in a month I'll be on official baby watch (both of my kids were basically 40 weekers, but I was born at 35, so I always get prepared then just in case). I'm more or less big items to buy, diapers are prepped, clothes are washed. Holy cow, it's almost real now. Pleasepleasepleaseplease....
That's like... a month away for me. WHOA! I can't believe I'm here, with this Hiccup in there, kicking and bouncing away. Just... wow.

We don't need to buy much at all - a car seat is really the only need, then we'll grab some pacis, and I may grab a stretchy wrap... but I may just not bother and use my sling and wombfruit wrap I have now.
I definitely can't get anything out or start washing things until after we get the bedrooms/kids shuffled around (we're going to make a room downstairs for DD and move Levi to her room, he's still in our room now) - there's no room until then!

Originally Posted by PaisleyDeann View Post
I keep telling myself not to borrow trouble but I've swore today that I felt cramping etc.
Cramping, with no other symptoms (like spotting), isn't a bad sign. There's a LOT going on in there - lots of growing and stretching - and we're bound to feel those effects at some point!

Originally Posted by TS8213 View Post
I've been having contractions off and on all day even though I've mostly been sitting and drinking my water. Nothing regular or painful, just the lower crampy stuff. Trying to remember if that's how my PTL started with my other kids but I can't recall. I have another MFM appt tomorrow so I'll mention it then.
Braxton hicks, maybe? I know most people say they're not painful or anything, and not regular, but I normally get them starting early (this time I started with them at 15 weeks, though not too often) and around 25-30 weeks they will come in waves, timeable even, for an hour or 2, then stop. Mine have always been very uncomfortable or even painful.
For me, I know it's "real" contractions when labor starts because I've always had back labor and I feel my BH all in front.

Definitely do mention it. Take it easy (even easier, lol!) and drink lots of water. it's nothing but BH.
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