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Re: TTC While Breastfeeding. New Year, Fresh Start!

Originally Posted by trying4more View Post
that's awesome!
I feel ya on the nurses. So not cool they did that.

I found a company that has such cool herbal stuff. There is a store in San Francisco that carries most of their products. I live in hour away from the city, so I think I'm gonna hit it up this month!
I'm taking my oldest DD shopping for pants tomorrow. She LOVES yoga pants and refuses to wear jeans. She has this own pair of yoga pants that has tears and a bleach spots and she wears them all.the.time!
I think I was that child that drove her mother crazy by only wanting to wear one pair of pants, one that was ripped, stained, and drawn on in sharpie of course. And then I hit highschool and fell in love with bondage pants(Like the ones goths wear with the chains and zippers and D rings that have a tight waist but are super bellbottomed and baggy). I'm sure that had to of been worse for her, lol.
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