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Re: Dr might want to add formula at next appt.

Originally Posted by OrchidMama View Post
Willowmom, it was definitely in the poop, but I haven't seen anymore in the last couple of days, so yay! I checked with DHs mom, she wrote down in his baby book what he weighed and measured at his appointments. He was a long, skinny babe too. I thought about pumping, letting the milk separate, and mixing all the fatty milk together, but pumping a little before each feeding would be easier. I'm going to a La Leche meeting on the 10th too.
So glad you're going to a meeting I met an LC through the hospital and she runs an organization in my state so I go to her meetings- and I know BF centers run meetings, too (point being, if you don' t like this LLL meeting- try another!)

I'd explore the reflux as already said-- I know many moms who've had great results after figuring that out. I'd think about a new pedi if you're on the wrong foot already-- I am NOT a medical professional, but an skeptical of his insistence on formula to solve a weight problem you don't currently see as a problem. (I would never tell anyone they shouldn't use formula, though)

Good luck with your sweet baby!
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