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Re: Anyone else have a little one who acts like mine?

My dd is 3 and had a full on hysterical out of control tantrum tonight for 30 minutes. It happens at least twice a week.

It always feels to me like there are soooo many emotions in her body and she just can't get them all out. She hits and screams and throws herself on the floor.

I know we have a parenting issue here that makes it worse. DH gives in the second she starts to fuss. Which means when I don't give in, she immediately starts screaming for him. She does much better with me if DH is not home because she knows there is only me. We still have tantrums but they are better. She does well with a very strict and busy routine.

And yes, it's exhausting. Some days I feel like a prisoner of war the way I flinch inside when know she's going to start having a meltdown.

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