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Re: Adding Formula?

I had a friend do this and it worked out fine. Add in an extra pumping session if you can-- but if that's a stresser, get in as many as possible. (If you do add formula, don't reduce pumping sessions) I've never tried less than 3 oz at a feeding-- and I can tell you that wasn't popular-- but with baby or teachers? I'll never know. (my bottles are 4-5 oz, and with first baby and no BF meetings to go to, I did send 6 oz. it is what it is- I can't go back in time.)

The constant overfeeding is a mom stresser for sure-- I'm not trying to specifically diagnose your situation, per se, but know from my own, my daycare providers wanted 6 oz at least like the formula babies. I never gave it, but it was a constant battle. I, too, feed at drop off- in the crib room so they know- and at pickup. I'm lucky in that I can walk over at lunch as well. But that didn't eliminate the drama. I needed my monthly meeting to keep me sane.
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