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Re: July 2013 Chat: Jan. 1-6

Happy new year!

I am sorry Cowangel that your still battling morning sickness. I battling the nausea, but not the actual sickness. My son got sick (ill not ) over the weekend and I have his cold now. So that with the nausea hasn't been fun. But I would still take this over any day! I hope you feel better soon!

Melissa - That is great that your able to feel kicks already. Is it regular or intermittent? I felt bean on Monday but haven't felt much since. I think he/she moved and now I not as sensitive where they are.

AFM - I had my ultrasound on Monday and DH was able to come. The baby was sleeping which made DH and I panic till we saw the heart beating. Everything looked well and tomorrow I am meeting with my Peri for first consult. I know him from my prior pregnancies but there was 1 thing that was unclear in my chart that needs to be sorted out before my RE can release me. In other news today is my last day of estrogen! That means that 3 pills that I take today, I don't have to take tomorrow!!! If my peri says that I don't have to stay on progesterone, I will go off of my injections a week from tomorrow! However there is a HUGE if in that sentence so we will have to see tomorrow. Other then that, I am taking it easy still. I am looking forward to being fat and pregnant but I know all too well how quickly that time goes by so I am going to try to savor every aspect of this pregnancy.

I hope everyone else is well!

ETA I think I need a secretary to keep my doctors in the know. I am having to have records sent here there and the other place. I wish they would talk more to each other.
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