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Re: Jan. Farm/Homesteading Chat Thread

My goodness Shirley, I hope it all works out! That's a mouthful for a New Years morning!
RCB - I asked my husband and he listed off about 3 dishes that I don't typically I asked him about the ones that I do make, and he said Enchiladas. Of the ones that I normally don't make, he likes Stuffed Green Peppers (the kids don't like it though, the green peppers or the rice) and Ham Steaks, Mashed Taters, and Corn. Other things that I've made recently that they seem to enjoy are homemade Mac and Cheese with hamburger and assorted veggies (onions, peppers) (it's a homemade hamburger helper and we make a lot of soup, mainly Potato Soup, but I recently did Tomato soup too...with grilled PB&J or grilled cheese sandwiches.
I've thought of joining the Use Your Stash Game. I really enjoy lurking through their thread . We'll see, I'm awfully horrible at counting what I do, but I'll look at it again.
I will post pictures of the mudroom in a bit, when it's not so dreary outside and there's some light. All the pegs are full with winter clothes, but it's so much better that they are on the pegs than on the floor!
I know. Part of me doesn't want to push the reading because I've heard that so much. And she really does try...But, there's a good chance she'll go to school next year, and she really wants to go into first grade. We've had discussions that she'll need to work hard if she wants to go into first grade (and Mama needs to work hard to get her in order, lol), and she's been trying. I've also told her though that it's ok if she goes into Kindy. Her age/birthday sets her on the fence anyway. She's doing good blending, we started with the vowels and she's really getting 3 letter words and some 4 with it. But the sight words are a bother. It probably doesn't help that I have a very good friend who is a super awesome Kindy teacher at a public school around here. So she talks about what her kids are doing and I compare...and I lack horribly! But I think too, that she says the kids are writing sentences and I think SENTENCES. But really, they're trying to write and it's not what I'm thinking, you know? But I printed off some games and laminated them (I got a laminator for Christmas and now everything will be laminated ) and we'll plug along and see what happens.
Little Man might be going through a developmental phase. I think he's teething, and he's certainly been super active and pulling up on EVERYTHING, even taking some steps while holding on. He's been chewing on anything he can and yesterday he was drooling. I think he's getting a little better at night, he was up 3 times last night and slept from 8:30 until 1:15, then to 4...I'll take it!
I hope you get more milk soon! I'd so love to get a milk cow. How long do you think it takes to hand milk? And do you guys leave their calf on them at all? When is BamBam due? Do you prefer the Jerseys or the Holstein?
We don't have too much farmwise right now, just waiting for the invisible fence wire and trying to work more with the colt. T needs to clean the chickens and A has puppy class tonight...I think that's about it for this week!
Jesus lover wife to T . Mama to A (6) , K (4) , and J (1) , with another baby girl on the way (May) !
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