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Re: Happy Homemakers -- January 2013

You know what really helped me get on top of things? Apart from joining a flylady bingo group (I joined the group before restarting flylady too) I made a list of the essentials that needed to be done every day/week to keep my house in reasonable order. I've added things and taken things away as needs change. Here is my list, in case it would give anyone else a jump start.

1. Pick up and sweep living room
2. Unload and reload dishwasher
3. Wipe down surfaces and shine sink
4. Pick up kitchen and dining room
5. Reboot laundry

1. Bathtub
2. Sheets
3. Sweep and mop kitchen

1. Sweep and mop dining room
2. Toilet and sink
3. Sweep and mop stairs

1. Sweep and mop kitchen
2. Sweep and mop bathroom
3. Wipe appliances and cabinets

1. Clean out fridge and microwave
2. Dust
3. Toilet and sink

1. Sweep and mop kitchen
2. Pick up and vacuum bedroom

1. Toilet and sink
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