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Re: Maybe moving to VT...

I will 2nd the suggestion of looking for housing in the Burlington area, specifically South Burlington or Williston. More diversity, more amenities and activities, better schools. Also, it is less than a 2 hour drive to Montreal and 4 hours to Boston, if you crave the urban experience once in a while.

Chittenden County is a wonderful place to raise a family, with a great cultural scene and all the benefits of a university town. St. Albans is quaint, but mainly a mix of old-time locals and a lot of low-income residents, often with substance abuse or mental health issues. There can be some good job opportunities there, but I would say the majority of "outsiders" taking those jobs commute.

If you were looking for the rural experience, I might suggest some beautiful lakeside homes just outside St. Albans, or some of the small and affordable towns between Burlington and St. Albans, but in your situation, staying as close to the "urban center" (such as it is ) might be more to your liking.

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