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Re: Basically it's Wednesday

We've got plans to change things around here. One of the plans was to put D&C in a 140cm wide double bed (that's only 40cm wider than the bed they have now but they are skinny and dont tend to thrown themselves around much when they sleep) and have them Fynn could go into Cami's bed and we'd put a curtain around his bed (and the other beds) so he's not in the girls room so to speak. That way everyone has their own space.

Possibly though a different plan may be in the works though. That's not as likely though. That's would be moving the kids room and the living room. Trouble with that is the stuff in the living room wont really fit in the girls room. It would however be a nice big room for the kids and we really could give Fynn a section of the room fr himself...obviously that would be the best option but the more difficult one to work.
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