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Re: Dr might want to add formula at next appt.

I had an awful experience when my son was born. They put him in the NICU for this so-called breathing condition called tachypnea. They put a pacifier in his mouth and gave him formula. wouldn't let me feed him until I got the lactation consultant to advocate for me. Long story short, we really struggled with BFing for some time because of the situation in the hospital. But we stuck with it. The DR wanted me to suppliment with formula and would give me a hard time because he didn't think my son was gaining well. I found out that the growth charts are based on formula and breast milk. My boy also spit up a lot and that probably hindered his weight gain. My mom told me that sometimes we just need to take the DR's suggestions and tell them what they want to hear. We know what's best for OUR babies. Your baby seems to be gaining well. It took time for my boy to get his chubby legs. Some babies are just tall and lean. I say as long as you are changing enough diapers each day, everything is fine. DR's get incentives from these formula companies and therefore promote formula. My son's doctor also gives me a hard time over the cloth diapers. But we know what's best for our babies. You are doing just fine!
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