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Re: Basically it's Wednesday

Morning mamas! Wonder if I inspired all the waffles today.

NYE I had terrible back pain and actually scrounged for my secret stash of Vicodin from Ian's birth . I made it through the day after that, but we had told the kids they could have a slumber party in the basement, not knowing the temps would drop so much and make it difficult to sleep there. So they instead had a slumber party in our bed and DH and I had to make do on the couch. So NYD I woke up in pain again, but not as bad so I could do Alleve. Anyway, long story short it made it difficult to get the NYD lunch on the table in a timely fashion, and we had grocery store steaks so there was some resistance. The kids don't know how to eat beef that isn't ground up or sliced thin, and DH of course gets to eat high-end steakhouse steak about 6x a year through work so he has to pretend that grocery store steak is ok. So we were overloaded on meat at lunch, thus the waffles at dinner. Of which there was no resistance. And soon we were all in a carb coma by the fire.

Today is the last day of their winter vacation. School starts tomorrow. Ginger is lobbying to go out for ice cream even though it is like 15 or 20 out. They have finished breakfast, and Ian and Rosie are watching the 99c VUDU movie of the day (Madagascar 3) while Ginger gets some very rare Wii alone time. I am having coffee and a sausage/spinach/mushroom/cheese egg scramble in peace. Aaaah.
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