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Please don't feel pressured to suppliment, my ds is formula fed and only gains on average that much a week. He is also in the 90%ile for height and 25%ile for weight. He eats like a pig haha, 5oz every 2 - 2.5 hours 14hours during the day that sleeps all night (9wo). My nephew, who is only a week younger than my ds, eats 4.5oz every 4 hours round the clock ( so getting almost exactly the same as my ds) is a chunker and weighs 2lbs more than my ds and is 1inch shorter, but was born at 9oz less. So has gained about 2.5lbd more than i ds has in a week less of time. My dd who was exclusively breast fed, was the same. So its not necessarily because your lo isn't getting enough, it may be because of their genetics!
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