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Sbish and Goodmama

Goodmama OS Fitteds

NIP Meta with OBV $55ppd
Rock Steady SOLD
Black Cherry with crimson CV still very soft. Outer is a bit faded from wash $28ppd
Jack O Vines OBV still very soft with a touch of silk left. Outer slightly faded but no other wear $28ppd
Blue Circles (?) Outer knit is very pilly, OBV inner is still soft, not silky, but not sherpa $25ppd.
I also have a brand new Hope's Rainbow OBV wipe that I will include for $3.50 with the purchase of anything else

Take the 3 remaining used diapers and the new wipe for $82ppd.


2 Brand new size large holiday sbish OBFs. Colors are December and Sugarplum. Prefer to sell together for $50ppd.

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