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Getting Baby to STTN

Any thoughts or suggestions on getting baby to sleep 6 hrs. at a planned interval?

Baby is 8.5 mos. he eats 3 servings of #2 baby food per day. Nurses about every 4 hours. Ay sooner than this and we don't get great feedings which starts a vicious cycle of not getting enough milk. His naps are 10am-12, and 2:30-4:30 roughly... with a bedtime of 8:30 because any earlier than that and he thinks 4am is awake time!!!

At night, Currently is sleeping usually from 8:30-12 (on average) and then nursing usually - then sleeping until 4:00 am & nursing then sleeping until 7:30.

i am starting to have major mental clarity and processing problems from the lack of sleep. I homeschool my oldest 2 boys ages 9 & 6. I have 3 other children, ages 4, 2 and the baby. All are boys except the 4yo. I feel liike i can not get thru the morning doing any sort of school without my brain crashing. I eat fairly well, no gluten, high protein diet because of other health issues. it is no longer just my diet, or MAYBE it is because i am getting older and the lack of sleep/high stress is taking its toll faster??

Not sure what to do. Take a nap in the afternoon? it is hard to fit this in with a toddler AND baby since their naps are different. but maybe I can arrange the schedule to do this.

Problem is I was just going to switch our school schedule so the older boys are doing 3 R's during the afternoon naps because i am having so much trouble splitting my mental processing during the morning hours. Simply pu, doing school with the toddler awake is too much for me.

Any thoughts? how should I adjust baby's schedule so that he is sleeping more of an 12-6? even 11-5am is doable...

thanks mamas!!
Jen, homeschoolin', Christ-following mama to 5 boys (11, 9, 5, 3, 10 months) and 1 girl (6)!!

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