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With my oldest I nursed for four months. Which is when he weaned himself. He would not even take breastmilk from a bottle, so he went on formula and then eventually worked his way onto hypoallergenic formula, something in the milk based bugged his belly. However, he has not food allergies now at the age of 4, so IDK what that was about. With my toddler, I nursed exclusively for 6 months, then I was put on medication for a back problem and was told I would no longer be able to nurse. So onto formula he went, and a very unhappy boy he was. Then after about a month on the medication I found out what all was wrong with my back and it was thankfully an easy fix. So I questioned about possibly going back to nursing. After being told that I would not be able to because it had been at least a month since he nursed last, I decided to at least try to prove the doctors wrong. Granted he would not latch on because he was extremely confused. However after a few weeks of pumping every moment I got, and I mean every moment. I was finally able to get him up to six ounces a day of breastmilk. The WIC office told me to not push it because he was almost 9 months old at this point and by the time I got him back on all breastmilk he would be a year. I kept pushing and pumping and doing everything I could to get him breastmilk. So by the time 10 months rolled around he was on all but 6 ounces a day of breastmilk. I figured at that point I was satisfied with the amount that he was getting so I was not going to push for that last 6 ounces. That was the point that one night I was trying to give him his formula bottle before bed and he wanted to nurse. He was just shy of 11 months old when he finally latched on again. He had no more formula after that. He finally completely weaned from nursing at 17 months old. He is now 20 months old and going to be a big brother in a few months. I have a feeling me being pregnant had something to do with him weaning. Aside from the fact that he is a very active boy.

The biggest thing that got me motivated to get him back onto breastmilk was the fact that he was so much happier and healthier when he was on it. Plus I was told that I could not do it, and I am a very stubborn person and I will try my hardest at something before giving up. Oh and then come to find out the medication I was on...... I could breastfeed while taking. So he never had to quit in the first place.
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