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DD1 was "Pooka" and DD2 was "Pooka2." The name came from a license plate we saw in the ER parking lot when we were leaving after I had some horrible bleeding very early in my pregnancy. For whatever reason, it stuck. I eventually read online that a pooka is some sort of creepy weird Irish, yeah. Apparently I need to google nicknames hahahaha

Our loss is named Heisler. My husband is a big train nut, and builds steam engines. When we found out we were expecting, DH said that this baby would be helping him build the Heisler engine that he's planning on building in a few more years. We ended up keeping this name because our baby passed away before we could determine gender, and somehow it just seemed right since that's the name we bonded with over those few precious months. I really miss my little Heisler...

This baby was nicknamed Babka (after the Seinfeld episode). Oddly, both DH and I could NOT remember the nickname and have been rattling our brains for weeks trying to remember. It finally dawned on DH this morning. I think I couldn't remember because I constantly slipped up and called his one Heisler in the beginning. I was in a very challenging place for those first months, and terrified about losing my baby again.

Finding out the gender and being able to officially name this baby (Catherine ) has been more therapeutic than I would have expected.

Sorry, this post is more of a downer than it should be. But, getting this out somehow helps, too. I feel so much better now that DH miraculously remembered Babka today. It was really upsetting me that I couldn't remember something so simple, and it was really driving home just how upsetting my loss was. I think I live in denial sometimes, still. Anyway, yay for nicknames! It's really fun to see the different ways we name our munchkins right from the start
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