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Re: Getting Mirena IUD out

It didn't hurt to get it out (felt like a pinch, just as it felt when it got put in)
2 days later I started my cycle. It was SUPER heavy. I was using regular tampons or just mama cloth when I was on Mirena, but with this I was soaking super tampons in 20 minutes. I had to go buy super plus and those only lasted me MAYBE 2 hours.
BUT after that first cycle it leveled out and got a bit lighter with each one. Now it's normal again where it was before I had Mirena.
I had mine in for just over 3 years.
Got it out in November 2010, we started TTC in February 2011 and I got pregnant in early April 2011. So it didn't take long at all.
Have been BC free since November 2010 and I'm loving it!
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