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Re: Getting Baby to STTN

Yeah. it's starting to affect my days, the long term deprivation. I thought it was a much needed vacation. DH was home a lot on Xmas break. We did a long school break, I got lots of naps, but another night of broken sleep and i'm back to the same fogginess. I thought it was something else but I think it is just related to lack of sleep.

Sometimes DS doesn;t even wake to nurse! he won't eat some nights (teething) or needing a diaper change. even in a sposie!!

i will ask DH to move the crib tonight. Problem is which room it should go in. 3 boys in one room, and DD in another but she sleeps with the light on at first...
her room has room for the crib the other currently doesnt unless we remove dressers... ugh we need a 4bdrm house. lol
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