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Re: Getting Baby to STTN

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
Do you nurse the baby to sleep? If so, you might consider trying to stop that. I don't nurse any of my babies to sleep. Personally, I think it creates the need to nurse to go back to sleep. So, when baby wakes in the middle of the night, he is unable to put himself back to sleep because he needs to nurse to go to sleep. Of course, this is just a generalization, but I've found this to be true with my 6 children.

If that isn't the case or you don't want to stop, you could just trying cutting out the 12 (or 4am) feeding by comforting baby back to sleep in other ways. I'd have dad do it because he can't nurse.

Good luck! I have 6 who are 7 and under and homeschool too. I don't do well without proper sleep. I would be struggling too. The not nursing to sleep is what I've done with my kids and they all slept through by 12 wks. This baby is almost 3 months and sleeping 7-9 hrs at night. (I pump after he goes to sleep to keep up supply. I've tried waking him to "dream feed," but he won't do it. )
I agree. I nurse to sleep and always have and had to nurse back to sleep to get any of mine down. Could be coincidental, but I doubt it. Once the habit is there, it is hard to break for sure. Good luck.
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