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Re: Getting Baby to STTN

Originally Posted by vintagegyrl View Post
The crib is not next to our bed anymore.
I can't ask my DH to get up with baby. he was done with the lack of sleep after #2. lol.
He will at some times, because he is already leaving the house at 5am - he will sometimes go to the gym late so I can get some sleep and rock DS to sleep if he is having a rough morning, etc. (like at 4:30 am, etc.)
but usually DH needs that sound sleep even if he gets woken or he doesn;t function well that day. it's like the lesser of the 2 evils since I am home all day.

I will try what you suggested. I don't ever nurse to sleep except I have always for those middle of the night feedings since he was a newborn, and then lately it happens because his nursing times will be 4:30 and 8:30 and 9pm is bed so he just falls asleep at that last feeding.. not sure how to stop that.

how do you not nurse to sleep in the middle of the night? when you have a newbie?? don't you just naturally nurse them in bed for those late 12am or 2am feedings so that you can get some sleep? or do you feed them and keep them up? mine always went back to sleep after those early morning feedings... but aside from that I have never nursed to sleep. During the day, it has always been: wake, feed, play, sleep. repeat.
With newborns, they do often fall asleep nursing, but I don't purpose to nurse them them to sleep. I almost always nurse downstairs with everyone else. Then, I change their diaper and put their PJ's on and whatever else before laying them down for the night. Of course, newborns do fall asleep nursing. I don't wake them up on purpose either to put them to bed awake. Hopefully, that makes sense. With my other 5 children, I got up and nursed them in a rocker for every night feeding (or on the couch to do both my twins at the same time). As soon as they were done or falling asleep on me, I put them back in their own crib. I didn't often take them in bed with me allowing us both to fall asleep with baby nursing. I don't change diapers at night or turn on any lights. (Of course, if baby is poppy I do. It's just generally speaking. Newborns often have poop even at night.) I also don't jump up with each noise I hear. I give the baby a few minutes to settle and see if they are really awake or just transitioning through sleep cycles. If the baby starts really crying, I get them of course.

I use the feed, play, sleep routine as well during the day.

With this baby, I had every intention of nursing him during the night till up to about a year because I have had supply issues in the past. I did put him in bed with me at night when he woke to nurse. I assumed this would mean he would continue the night waking. But, instead, he slept through earlier than any of my other babies! He now sleeps in the bassinet almost all night and comes into my bed in the AM when he wakes up to nurse around 6-7am.

At 8.5 months, what I would do is just stop that 12am feeding. If he wakes up, first, I'd delay going in for a few minutes to see if he will go back to sleep if he isn't crying hard. Then, I'd comfort him in other ways and not nurse. If you don't give in and refuse to nurse at that feeding, it should only take a few days to a week at most for him to get used to not needing it. He will probably start sleeping through it. Of course, it's possible he will stop nursing, but still want to wake and be comforted by you. In that case, I'd gradually do as little interaction as possible to get him back to sleep. Like start with rocking him for a night or so, then just pick him up for a minute and pat his back, then not pick him up but pat his back.

Of course, this is just what *I* would do. I totally respect that it isn't the only way to handle the situation. I hope you can find something that works for you soon.

ETA - If you are still nursing your 8.5 month old right before bed and he has a tendency to fall asleep nursing at that time, I'd move the nursing to the main area put PJ's and such on after to break that habit.
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