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Is the OB office not taking me seriously?

I'm 16 weeks pregnant today. I got in touch with one of the nurses last week regarding some overwhelming symptoms that I've been having for a few weeks now. Mainly being very very tired, way more tired in my 2nd trimester then I was in my 1st trimester. I'm ALWAYS cold, but sweat a ton at the same time. I've also gained way to much weight (15lbs at 16wks) Sometimes I gain as much as 3lbs in a few days! It's craziness. I exercise like crazy, I am spending more time exercising then I am with my kids. Its getting frustrating. I eat a very healthy vegetarian diet. But yet I keep gaining no matter what I do. Its all in vain. I'm to the point where I'm getting depressed with myself. I'm trying so hard to control this weight issue and I can't. Its so out of control. I feel so gross. I'm starting to obsess over it. Sometimes I don't even want to eat because I know it will make me gain, even if its healthy!!

My dh says my hands are always freezing, to the point where he doesn't even want me touching his bare skin lol. It doesn't matter how much sleep I get, I still feel like I hit a wall around noon time. My eyes are always heavy. I was getting constipated a few weeks ago but started to do green smoothies in the morning which has helped, but I know if I wasn't doing them I'd be all kinds of backed up.

My local doctors office did a thyroid check back in Sept, it was RIGHT before I got pregnant. I had them fax that to the OB's office and just got a call from the nurse saying the doctor said it was normal and that I can discuss my weight issue at the next appt (4 weeks away) she obviously forgot about the other symptoms I've had because she said "if the symptoms start to get worse and you feel like you are fatigued..." I told her I am VERY fatigued and named all my other symptoms. She said she would run it by the doc at some point and call back and see if she will sign off for another thyroid check. I just feel awful. I'm moodier then I've EVER been during pregnancy. I'm sometimes a royal bag to dh. I know this crap is making me depressed, Ive dealt with depression before and know the feeling and its starting to feel that way this past week.

I feel as if they office isn't taking me seriously. I told the nurse the last draw was before I was pregnant and that pregnancy normally triggers mine to act up, but she said the doctor knew that and wanted me to wait. If you google hypothyroidism you can read the stuff that it can cause, it can cause babies to be delayed if untreated and the 2nd trimester and 3rd trimester is the worse time for it to happen. I really just want to cry. This makes me to mad. I work so hard at being healthy and I just feel like I'm so unhealthy at this point.
I'm honestly thinking about just paying for a thyroid check out of my own pocket just to see if something is going on..can I do that??
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