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Re: Through the night weaning...

I have been going thru something like this with my boy. He has always wanted to nurse all night long! I would get him to sleep and get up to have some time to myself and he would wake up screaming after 30 min or so. A lot of it is for comfort, like you said. Over the last month I've noyiced that he will sleep until 3 or 5 am if he ate really well throughout the day. He is almost a year old and we are getting ready to put him in the crib to sleep. I have a feeling he we will need to let him do some crying until he gets used to the idea. It sounds like it will be a lot harder because you are trying to keep things peaceful for you other child. Is there anything you can do to make it a little more bearable for your other child while you are breaking her of the habit to nurse all night?
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