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Originally Posted by becky1231 View Post
Can you have your other Dr.(the one from Sept.) order you a blood test.
Possible. I will call and ask.

Originally Posted by CntryMama View Post
If it was your thyroid more then likely it will test fine during a pregancy - almost all autoimmune problems (like thyroid) will act normal during a pregancy... So, right now even if you had a thyroid problem before pregnancy it will more then likely test normal beacuase it is working normal.

I would get a differant doctor who could explain to you why it would be pointless to test for a thyroid problem during pregnancy since yours did not help!

What about problems with Pre E? Sometimes weight gain can be because of that... How is your salt intake? If it is to high you could be retaining water.
Mines always acted up during pregnancies. I do not do a lot of salt. And I use pink salt to so it doesn't cause a lot of the issues white salt does.

Originally Posted by chandni3 View Post
I'd try to find another OB. One that is willing to see you when you want to be seen and is willing to take you seriously. We know our bodies and we know when something is off. I'd call again and insist on seeing him now. If they won't make an appointment then start calling around to other OBs. Another option is to go into Emerg. Say you've been feeling funny and been very tired.
How is your iron intake? Maybe up that a bit.
I think I'm getting the recommended dose of iron, I do have some iron pills I could try and see if that helps. thanks.

Originally Posted by iwiamandaiwi View Post
isn't weight gain, being cold all the time, and being super tired all signs of diabetes? maybe you have gestational diabetes???? BTW i am no where near a doctor, lol. I am probably way off it is just what popped in to my head when i read your post
Possible. My mom and half of the people on her side of the family are diabetic. I have noticed that when I don't eat something every 3 hours I get very sick feeling and get shaky and feel very very weird, which happens to my mom when her sugar drops.

Also, not sure if it is linked but before pregnancy I had major vison loss. I ended up in the er because everything went blurry several times. I'm a contacts wearer also. I ended up being seen by the eye doc and they said that the vison loss that I had they normally wouldn't see in older people of the course of YEARS. They thought it was from the Wellbutrin I started a couple weeks prior (to help kick the smoking habit I picked up during summer) so they told me to stop the Wellbutrin and come back in 2 weeks. Not much change. So I have to go back in the spring and if my ryes didn't improve (which I doubt they have...I can still barley read with contacts in) then I have to get those glasses with the lines (forgot what they are called haha). So I am beginning to think it wasn't the Wellbutrin since my eyes continue to worsen. Is that linked to diabetes also??
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