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tinkle traps workhorse style, various kinds and sizes

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Attachment 128892I have 10 made from brown edged prefolds. They are turned so they lose a lot of rise. They measure (approximately) 12.5 unstretched/15 streched from back to front and 18/20 wing to wing, and are lined with fleece, so they are stay dry. They have a doubler, also topped with stay dry, sewn in on one edge to make them quick drying. 5 have aplix and 5 are closureless. Asking $6.50PD for closureless, 7PD for aplix. They have no stains, just some lint that collected in the aplix tabs on a few. They were only worn a few times, so the fleece is nice and soft. smoke free home.

I also have 2 that are made from red edge prefolds. Measurements are:1.5/13.5 from front to back edges and 15.5/18.5 wing to wing. They are serged rather than turned, no lining. They have a fleece topped doubler attached on one edge. 2 is closureless $6, one is aplix $7

1 unbleached made from an econobum prefold, measurements are:12/14 from front edge to back edge and 23/15 from wing to wing. Serged, no lining. Has a fleece topped doubler. $6PD

more pics in next post

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