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Re: NOT losing weight while BFing

Originally Posted by songbird516 View Post
Just remember that weight gain/loss is very hormonal. The calories in/out theory of weight loss just isn't true. To a certain extent it might work for some people, but pregnant/breastfeeding women are really ruled by hormones. It's entirely possible that for your body, the hormones that are allowing you to produce quality milk for your child are also the ones telling your body to hang onto the pounds that you don't want. Weight loss is also tied very much to stress hormones. So more sleep at night generally means weight loss/stable weight, etc. Less sleep leads to more stress hormones and weight gain. Your body might be seeing the exercise program that you're on as a "stress" and so is not going to let go of the weight because it's not ready yet.
I would love to lose the last 10 pounds, but I'm hanging out at the weight that I'm at. In the past I would have gone crazy trying to lose it, but I'm pretty sure that it will come off without trying too hard when my body is ready to lose it. I'm just focusing on eating as well as possible and making healthy milk for my little guy.
This. It has VERY much to do with hormones. I don't mind hanging onto a little extra baggage for my lo's to be healthy. Just takes a little time. They won't nurse forever!
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