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Part-time EC Questions

I have a 7 week old boy, and I've been dabbling in EC. I read "Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene" and a bunch of online resources. I've been able to catch over half of my son's poops just by trying after a breastfeeding session. I can tell when he needs to poop, but I have no idea what his cues are for pees. He usually goes while breastfeeding (at least his wet diapers indicate this), and I know some use a bucket to solve this problem. I can't figure out what kind of container to use and how to use it so that we both don't get messy. His boy bits have me stumped since they tend to spray all over.

I tried diaper free time in order to pick up on his cues, but he peed without me noticing. I put a thin cloth over him to prevent a fountain, but the pee ended up puddled beneath his bottom without me noticing. Again, I'm unsure how to handle him being a boy.

And if I decide to ignore the pees for awhile, will that mess everything up in the long term? He seems to pee all the time, and I try to change him often, but I have to admit that taking him potty that often right now sounds exhausting.

Thank you in advance. I feel very clueless.
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