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Re: How much do you pay your Nanny?

The time she actually didn't get paid amounts to two days. That is it. We paid her for Christmas day and we would have been off normally that Thursday and Friday. I guess you are all right in the fact it is more that we gave her a schedule with it written out and she says we weren't clear enough that she wasn't going to get paid. She also said that if this is/was going to happen again she would let us know if that was ok with her. We never offered paid time off when we interviewed her (although she is given 5 paid personal days and 10 paid holidays). I do not receive any paid time off that I do not earn. My time off is earned every pay period. Would it be crazy to set it up for her like that?

We are seriously considering another nanny, in fact we have talked to a few other nannies already. My biggest issue is that I don't want to "fire" her and leave on bad terms, in that she knows ALOT about our personal life, house, kids, car, etc. I don't think she would retaliate in any manner, but seemingly normal people do strange things these days.
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