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Re: Getting Baby to STTN

You have had a lot of great suggestions so I second all of those! I think breaking the nursing to sleep habit is the first thing to try. I would read Dr. Ferber's book as well. Even if you don't want to let him CIO according to his guidelines he has some great insight as to how to break sleep habits.

I didn't have the nurse to sleep habit to break, but instead had the pacifier habit to break. I did let my LO CIO for a few nights and it worked like a charm. He still wakes at night for one feeding, but he his 26 lbs. at 11 months and eats SO much that I don't think I'm going to be able to break him of that for awhile. After that feeding he goes right to sleep with no intervention. So our schedule is 7-4 and then back down until 7 so I am up for maybe 15 mins tops. No diaper change. I think breaking that habit would drastically help your situation.

Also, in Dr. Ferber's book as well as Healthy sleep by Dr. Weissbluth they suggest a bedtime between 6-7pm. I know that seems early, but it is a good time for most little ones because it is before they get overtired and therefore are able to go down on their own.
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