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Re: transitioning from ec to pt?

I've had lots of frustration thinking we were so close only then to have a set back. My daughter is very independent and would hate to stop playing to go potty. We had to get where she felt in control, if I ask if she needs to go potty she will tell me no almost every time, but if I ask her "L go potty by yourself?" it is a complete 180. We would have wet pants nearly every day, but to do cloth seemed I couldn't have enough for a load of laundry, so aggravating on different levels. We did go to pull-ups on vacation and I think that broke my laundry habits and her training awareness, so I've fought with changing from training panties to cloth to disposable and back so many times that I could scream. At 26 months just before leaving for Christmas she stayed dry, changes did affect her while we were gone, but other than getting to the potty and peeing as she is getting situated she has stayed dry. We did start to offer her a reward for staying dry and that motivated her greatly, learning the importance of not only going potty sometimes but each time and keeping dry. I will try to do things differently next time to be as consistent as possible and try to be more patient. On another note, I only changed a few dirty diapers in the past 14+ months, so there was a positive to ec'ing plus many others that I failed to express here.
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