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Re: Jan. Farm/Homesteading Chat Thread

Originally Posted by aiyana4969 View Post
Ok, a dilemma, as much a as I love what I do, and like the break from the kids, 12hour shifts and after an insane day like yesterday, need at least a day to recuperate. I don't know how I feel about this yet, other than DH doesn't have any abilities in parenting, he's an amazing husband, but parenting isn't his forte at.all he's tried for the past fewmonths and he's honestly tried (and most days does fine or great, but some days...) and I'm thinking the few bad days are just NOT worth it, bad days are baaaaad days and we fight about them and I don't like it, DH and I only e ever fight a about parenting, and the last few years that was rare. so I don't know if we just need to few get used to the changes, or if me working is a bad idea. we don't need that income, I enjoy the extra to use on fun things and d to pay off debit, but it's not necessaryDH is reluctant with the idea of me quitting, but only because he invited I enjoy it and I'm literally the center of his world. *sigh* WDYT?
Hey Amanda, I work 3 days a week...Tues, Thurs and Fri. And after Thurs and Fri I would love a day to catch up too! My house is generally a mess and the kids are haywire after being gone during for 2 days in a row. I feel your pain . I know it's different for each family, and my experience I'm sure is much different than yours. I can tell you on our end (and this is going on 5 years of me working part-time) that we have family (thankfully, we live near a lot of our family) that watch the kids when I work. I take the kids into town to their grandparents, pick them up (DH works the opposite way from my work). I used to work a different position on Saturdays but it was too stressful for me...when I'd call home I'd hear the stress in everyone's voice, and I'd be tired when I got home and the house would be dirty, it just wasn't worth the shift differential. Maybe someday, but honestly I haven't missed it at all. I hope that everything works out for you.
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