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Originally Posted by cowangel
Melissa - Yay for movement!

Jennifer - Yay for less sticks and less pills! It is weird dr.'s don't talk to each other more...

AFM - Now the nurse is talking Zofran pump...the increased Zofran tabs still aren't working much better...I'm more than a little scared of it since I truly HATE needles...sorry for being the downer...
On the up side DH was offered his dream RN job today - he starts the 28th! After 3 years of prep and school it finally seems worth it!
I want to caution you on the pump. When I was in chemo, I would get a whole day's worth of Zofran via iv. Within 1 hour of ending chemo (about a 3 hour process, I would get Zofran right before the last hour) I would need something more to keep the nausea at bay. I used Compozine but you can't use that while pregnant.

My point is, if that drug isn't working, changing the delivery method will only work if you are not actually getting the drug (like you can't hold it down). If you are getting the drug, then it is time to look for other options. And yes, there are other options. Be firm with your doctor and challenge them. They may not like it but it does get you what you want in the end. Look at me, my doctor wanted me to have complete pelvic radiation. I fought back and now I am pregnant (much to the surprise of my oncologists). It pays to fight.
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