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Re: Anyone considering vasectomy an option?

Originally Posted by sandhillcranes View Post
No regrets for anyone so far? and dh have been talking about it. I think we should. We have one of each. I turned 30 this yr so my age is a non issue but I feel complete. The only thing that ever throws me, and this is gonna make me sound looney...when I have DD in a carrier on my back, I get this weird feeling like I am forgetting something. Kinda like when people are looking for their glasses and theyre on their face. Idk why it happens...doesnt seem to happen when she is in her crib but I wear her on my back everyday and Id say this feeling happens a couple times a wk. Its not even that I forget shes back there (Im really not that stupid, honest)..its just a weird feeling I cant describe.

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I know that feeling...I get it every day, and I have four kids. I think that feeling is just from us moms being so busy and multitasking all the time that we are always unknowingly checking for everything, someone gone missing, everyone okay, kwim?

My BIL had to have his vasectomy done twice. They didn't get the vas snipped on one side the first time (think it was probably a weird looking blood vessel or something). He likened it to having a tooth pulled (but down south ). So that is always a risk, and why it is so important to get checked before you consider DH to be shooting blanks.
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