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Re: poop training?

Here is how I potty trained my daughter to poop in the toilet. She was already peeing in the toilet for a few days, but no poop. I would tell my daughter that her doll says she (her doll) has to go poop in the potty and we had to hurry to the potty so she did not have an accident. Then I would sit the doll on the toilet and drop "poop" (cut up Tootsie roll pieces) behind the doll into the toilet. Then I would cheer.."Yea, dolly went poop poop in the potty. Good Job!". Then the doll would get a special poop sticker and choose a poop poop prize from a special grab bag. The prizes were small and from the dollar store. I told my daughter that if she went poop in the potty she would get a sticker and choose a prize too. I would then constantly watch her for signs that she had to go poop. I could usually tell if have to go when she started to run around the house and try to hide. Then I would say excitedly "Do you have to go poop poop? Let's see if you can try to get a poop poop prize. Hurry let's go to the potty". When she was on the potty, I would have a few special books for her look at only when she is on the potty. After, she poops, I would cheer, give her a sticker and prize. She has been fully potty trained for 4 months now and we do not use stickers and prizes any more. Hope this helps.
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