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Re: Jan. Farm/Homesteading Chat Thread

Originally Posted by missc View Post
I hope you get more milk soon! I'd so love to get a milk cow. How long do you think it takes to hand milk? And do you guys leave their calf on them at all? When is BamBam due? Do you prefer the Jerseys or the Holstein?
We don't have too much farmwise right now, just waiting for the invisible fence wire and trying to work more with the colt. T needs to clean the chickens and A has puppy class tonight...I think that's about it for this week!
Oh, I love stuffed peppers but never make them either. DH and the kids don't like them (the bell peppers). Last year I planted 6 bell pepper plants and they produced like crazy... I kept trying to sneak it in dishes, but the kids were able to detect the taste. I hope that taste changes. I could eat them in anything.

Yay for a laminator!!! I had to laugh about your friend being a teacher. I have friends who are either obsessed with homeschooling or veryyyyy laid back. I don't LOVE teaching... it's okay; not the joy of my heart, but I don't hate it either. We do it because it fits our family. So I guess I fall in the middle somewhere.

We let the calf have their mama for a couple weeks and then we wean them down to having her in the afternoon for awhile. Then we move the calf out for good. BamBam has at least 6 weeks before her calf should arrive. We prefer jersey because of the high cream content. It's so nice to have so much as you can keep some in the milk and then be able to make butter out of a good portion of it too! I was also reading about how some people think jersey's milk is better for you vs holstein. It was interesting, but I don't know. About hand milking, DH sometimes milks by hand if the pump it out. I'll have to ask him how long he thinks it takes.

Shirley- I think that qualifies as "one of those" mornings! My my! Did you get it all took care of?

Amanda- Raw milk is VERY witch-hunted here. You may have heard about Amish being arrested and dairy liscenses took away because inspectors disguised as regular consumers come to houses and ask if the dairymen will sell them raw milk. They'll nag them and nag them until they say yes for a couple bucks a gallon and then those inspectors take away a whole family's livelihood. Raw milk is treated very hostile here by any authorities. One can only do a herdshare for raw milk. To even sell it as pet milk, you have to have a license and that is hard to get. So if you barter or sell raw milk, it's all VERY hush hush!
That is very exciting about the bees! We just told a bee guy in our area that he can put up boxes on our land in return for free honey. I love the idea of bee keeping, but I don't think I'm the gal to do it. That is awesome though!
About whether to keep working or not. I would give the ultimate decision to my husband. I would ask him to think of the good of the family first and then have him make the final choice. That is just how our marriage works. If he really could not make a call, then I would look at what is best for the family and decide from there.
I love how you, Missc, are able to leave the kids with grandparents, it's such a cool thing to have the older generation be so hands on with the kids. My Dh's mom stayed at home, but DH spent the majority of his time helping out his Grandpa around the farm. It was such a strong bond and 3 generations were so tightly woven together. I'm thankful (mostly) to live down the road from Dh's folks so my kids can have that too (it makes me so sad that my folks live so far away though!).

Hi Macy! Welcome! You know I have never seen a baby goat/kid... they sound like they would be adorable though. We raise sheep and cattle and I love lambing season. Kids sound precious too.
How many eggs a day to you typically get during this season?


Down side of having our own gas wells... when the gas pressure gets next to nothing and DH has to notice AFTER he takes his boots off and starts to relax for the night. He had to get everything back on and go out and pump the well last night (I felt so bad for him). He came back home and his insulated jeans were FROZEN... like stand up by themselves frozen! We use gas for about everything since it's free for us and so I'm thankful it didn't take DH hours to fix as we would have gotten cold in the house. If there is a leak in the line and he has to find it, it can take hours to find and fix. So I am thankful.

Okay, I guess bread with butter and jam and oranges is not much of a breakfast for the boys because they are hungry again. Better go make a smoothie. Have a wonderful day ladies!

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