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Re: Is the OB office not taking me seriously?

You definitely need to be screened for diabetes and now. It can cause some serious problems if left untreated. If your doctor will not do it now and wants to wait until 24-28 weeks I would suggest finding a new doctor and reporting the one you see now. Because that is patient neglect for both you and the baby. You have a legitimate concern and they are basically ignoring it. I speak from experience with diabetes, it is no something to mess with. My midwife would not be seeing me for this pregnancy if I was not so well under control before getting pregnant. Actually so well under control that most of my blood work has been coming back in the non diabetic ranges for normal blood draws! This is something serious though because it could cause some problems with the baby or the pregnancy. Rapid weight gain is one of the top signs of it out of what you listed as well as the fatigue. There are other symptoms of diabetes that you could be experiencing but passing off as part of pregnancy, such as increased urination, increased thirst and hunger, but those can be masked by the pregnancy because they have the same symptoms. If you have access to a glucometer I would suggest checking your sugar before you eat and then again about 2 hours after and see what it is. Recommended after a meal is under 140 (at the two hour mark). If you have any questions please feel free to pm me. I have been personally dealing with diabetes and I also have a child dealing with it, so it is something that it part of our everyday lives. Good luck with getting your doctor to listen to you.
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