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Re: Big Mama's January support thread

Originally Posted by becca jean View Post
Your name: Rebecca
Starting Weight: 215
Current Weight: 200
Short-Term Goal (ie. "X" by valentines/March): Don't have one
Long-Term Goal: 130
Weight Lost to Date: 15 altho I had gotten down to 196 before I fell off the wagon
Weight Loss Plan: I NEED HELP!!!!

I have a horrible sweet tooth. I can eat sugar all day, every day. I moved in to a new house in October and now I'm by myself again. I need to get off my arse and start going to the gym and make use of it. I do good for a while and then I fall off the wagon. My issue is my self esteem, getting bored, not knowing what type of workouts to do, and not really having anyone to go with me. I get bored and get tired of going by myself all the time but I can't find anyone to consistently go with me to keep me company. I seriously need a swift kick in the butt, lol. I did go from a tight 22 to a 18 in pants and from a 22/24 in shirts to a 14/16 or 18/20 in shirts. Right now my new smaller clothes are getting tight on me and I DO NOT want to have to buy bigger clothes. I would like to keep buying smaller clothes. Ugh, HELP ME!!!!!
The biggest thing that finally got me going was joining My fitness pal, and logging every bite I ate. I did that for 9 months straight and never missed a day. That was the nine months I lost 30lbs. I haven't lost ANYTHING permenently since I quit logging regularly. It's my goal to get back at it.

Ok, mini goal for today: Drink the full 8 glasses of water!!! I have got to drink more. Yesterday I only drank 20oz of diet root beer. That does not count . So I'm walking up to fill my bottle now and I need to fill it three more times today. I can do this. And in other news, I'm down half a lb today, so maybe the lb I gained was water weight from eating ham? IDK, but I feel like if I can get drinking and start working out, I have a shot at getting the scale moving again.
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