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Re: Through the night weaning...

I am dealing with nearly the same thing, only dd is my only one. I would like to TTC but I just can't imagine having another right now when dd still nurses through the night. She wakes up crying if I am not there next to her. I think she'd be ok sleeping by herself if she could just put herself back to sleep. Have you tried comforting her back to sleep in another way? I won't do CIO and won't leave her to cry but if they are crying in your arms that is totally different. I haven't tried yet, but I am going to probably try comforting her back to sleep, rocking her or just holding her and see if that helps. How verbal is your 27 month old? My dd is almost 28 months old, and is pretty verbal but not as much as some either. I think helping prep them by talking about it might help, telling them we will go to sleep with milk then at night time, no more milk, that she can have milk when the sun comes up. Maybe telling her that milk is sleeping and when it's morning she can have milk
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