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Re: Breast refusal...any hope?

I don't produce enough to EBF but I do nurse still, pump and rely on donation. I had HORRID problems with latch in the beginning due to a lactation nurse that basically traumatized him from the get go. After getting a good LC, it took a LONG time (he's 9 weeks now, I'd say it took a good six weeks) but he did finally latch well.

I cried like a crazy person because he'd SCREAM at the breast for the longest time, didn't want to latch, and I so badly wanted the bonding. Now he's a champ at it, just keep going. Don't force him but keep trying, that's what worked for me! I still can't EBF and I hate giving him bottles, but since he doesn't tolerate formula very well we just keep trying to find more donors (had a couple already who were great but had limited supply), and I keep on nursing and pumping. I know how hard it is but keep at it, it'll work!
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