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Re: SNS (Supplemental Nursing System)?

I've got the medela SNS, I started with the simple one with just the tube thing and upgraded to the bottle. It increased my supply a little bit, maybe an oz a day, but keep in mind I'm diabetic with PCOS and my little guy didn't latch for quite some time. I attribute the system with helping his latch quite a bit, along with just sheer perseverance, and usually on most women once the latch improves milk production goes up because they empty the breast better. It's a pain to use, I won't lie, but the bonding is great and it's especially awesome if they won't stay on the breast because your flow is slow. I don't use mine any more because he finally latched well after about 6 weeks and after 120 mg of domperidone, metformin and pumping 8 times a day as well as nursing, (and trying every herbal remedy known to man) I've sort of resigned myself to the fact that I'll need donor milk and only be able to supply him with a bottle or two a day of my own stuff. But I'm an extreme case. Remember though what my new awesome LC told me that saved my sanity: Nursing is NOT all about milk supply. So try the SNS and if it works, GREAT! If not, then nurse anyway! It creates bonding, soothes them and with my little guy even helps his tummy issues. It sucks not being to EBF but that's not the only reason they nurse!
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