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Newborn loosing weight...HELP!

DS was born on the 23rd weighing 7lb 5.1oz, a little early at 36w5d. Discharge weight on the 25th was 6lb 13oz, weight at 4d 6lb 8oz. My milk started coming in around day 3/4. He's a sleepy baby (preterm and jaundice) and I have to wake him to nurse every 2ish hours. Back for a weight check today and he's down to 6lb 6.9oz. He's having plenty of wet and dirty diapers, he latches well and I can hear him swallow. I do have to wake him during feeds. Peds wants me to supplement him (with pumped milk) after every feed today and he has to go back for a weight check tomorrow. This is my fourth baby and all have been bf'd. Even my third who was a 32weeker didn't have weight gain issues. I need suggestions!
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