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Mudroom...entryway - anyone want to share photos?

The post about where to put coats reminded me I need help with a mudroom/entryway. Ours is unfinished and at the moment is just subfloor and beams b/c to make a long story short, DH relocated our door so we don't have a *proper* entryway. We live in snow country though so I think we'll need a mudroom rather than a simple entryway because for up to 6 months of the year, snow or mud could get tracked in. Right now I don't have anywhere for people to put their snow boots so while they wipe their feet on the doormat, they still track into the kitchen so the kitchen floor needs to be mopped nonstop...and we end up with a mass of coats hanging on the wall. I'd love to see photos of your entryway/mudrooms to get ideas on how to handle our issue so I'll know what to tell DH I want done as he works on completing that area of the house.

So bring it on, post photos of your entryway or mudroom!
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