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Re: Pre Baby preparation list

I actually wrote down a list yesterday!

* Figure out who is going to take care of dog & cat while we're in hospital
* Purchase a few more baby clothes (first two boys were fall babies, this one is spring so many hand-me-downs won't work)
* Figure out how to sidecar crib
* Make plan with family to meet us at hospital to take our boys
* Move 3 year old to twin bed (so crib mattress is free) - includes purchasing twin mattress and assembling bed, purchasing twin bedding
* Make plan for maternity leave (involves training)
* Finalize newborn diaper stash, prep
* Pack hospital bags (mine, baby, and cloth diapers)
* Pack bags for older boys to keep in car for when needed
* Double check that car seats fit 3-wide, purchase new seat if necessary
* Purchase new wrap (I have legacy wraps for my boys)

Ohhhh boy. My history is going early -- 4 weeks and 3 weeks. I need to get on the ball!
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