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Yarn Gnome on BBR - Appaloosa Longies (cargo-type pocket on right leg) **TRADED**

I'd say they're about a 3T?
Inseam: about 11.5" without gusset. Gusset is a good size too. :-) These are about 2+" too long for my DD, and she wears 18-24 mo stuff mostly.
Hips circum: 20"
Rise: 8.5" without gusset, 9.25" with gusset
SOOOO cute, soft and sturdy! I just bought these here on FSOT in the fall, but they're just WAY too big for my DD. She's so skinny, I don't think they'll even fit next year! LOL. Only worn over AIOs. Freshly washed and lanolized.
$40ppd NOW $35PPD (I'm leaving for vacation on Wed!) **TRADED**

***********SOLD BELOW THIS LINE***************

VGUC Purple Shorties - $12ppd (these are SUPER thick and bullet proof!) Pretty much just had her wear them over AIOs though because I didn't use fitteds back when I bought them. LOL.

Rise: 8" (waist to crotch)
Waist circum: 18" at rest and almost fullest amount (tightens nicely... I'm pretty sure DD started wearing this at 5 mos, and she is skinny!)
Hip circum: 21"
Leg opening: 13" (it's a ruffle)

(This top is from The Children's Place - Sz 9-12 Months, but my daughter wears Sz 18-24 mos, and it STILL fits! So great size range in this! Add $2 if you want this top to go with it!)

VGUC-EUC Small/Med Teal Skirty - $12ppd - Also only worn over AIOs.

Rise: almost 8" (including gusset... I just measured from waist to crotch)
Waist circum: 17" at rest (has good stretch, plus tightens nicely)
Thigh circum: about 8" at rest... has good stretch, and I'm pretty sure this still fits my DD at 17 mo!
Hip circum: about 19" at rest

(Top is from Old Navy, and is 12-18 months. She started wearing it as a short dress/tunic at around 9 months though. She's in 18-24 mos stuff now, and it still fits, so also has great longevity! Add $2 if you want this top to go with it!)

You can also mix and match these tops with the skirty/shorties! Both tops look nice with both bottoms!

PayPal only for now, thank you! Okay, unless you have some NB boy shorties...
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