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Re: Pictures needed of your play area! (simple, Waldorf, or Montessori)

All of our kids things are integrated in the house instead of having a specific area. Our main area/living room is basically a big playroom, but since their toys are simple, we don't mind having them be our main decor/furniture. I'm sure we have too much, but I'm OK with that for now. Homeschooling without book/paper learning takes more room and stuff, and that is definitely a sacrifice I'm willing to make, so I'll deal with it.

Here's one side of the room:

Close up:

The shelves on the left: top: puppets/fingerpuppets middle: fort materials/playsilks bottom: dress up
The shelves in the middle: top: instruments bottom: train tracks
The shelves on the right: top: anatomy puzzle {pieces kept in that hersheys tin} middle: playscape materials bottom: blocks
On top of the whole thing: nature table, green book holds pressed leaves and on top of that is our seasonal books

Opposite side of room:

Close ups:

all of their books and the jar holds stamps and chalk {top of table is chalkboard paint}

homeschool geography/history/culture area

Other areas in the house:

The main school area: they have an abacus hanging on the side, and then one math manipulative and one reading manipulate on the shelves. In the drawer, they have reader books and writing practice, but they will rotate into science experiments next. {the basket and pile of clothes are gone now}

next to the stove

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