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Re: NOT losing weight while BFing

Originally Posted by starbeam View Post
i have lost 10 pounds in about 2 months by cutting out sweets entirely but I didn't lose a single pound after the initial birth weight loss until i started this simple diet. i am SSOOOO hungry while nursing! DS (also 8 mos) nurses a ton too! i'm hungrier than i ever was while pregnant. so i eat as much as i want. i try to eat healthfully, but if i can't or just don't once in a while, i don't beat myself up. just NO SWEETS at all. i think it helps, because i eat more other stuff instead, and sweets have no nutritional value but other foods do so when i do eat a ton at least i'm getting something out of it. no cakes, cookies, pudding, pie, ice cream, candy, etc. it's totally working for me and i was at the end of my rope. try it.

PM me if you want to do a one-on-one support diet with me i've been looking for someone who wants to, we could PM with weigh-ins occasionally, share successes and stories, share ideas, etc. our kids are the same age and we are in the same situation so it might work well

This is exactly what I need to do. I have never ate as many sweets as I do now. My weight has not moved except up! I really crave sweets. They make me "happy". This is goin to be hard but I know I have to try
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