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Originally Posted by sandhillcranes
I have been reading a ton about melatonin. I have used it myself with some success. My son is 3 and he has always had sleep troubles. He has occasional night terrors. We are giving him vitamin d to help with that and he hasnt had one in weeks. I did not know that was even what they were until our ped said to youtube it. I did and was astonished. Even still he is a very ...for lack of a better word, interrupted sleeper. He wakes a few times a night. Often he cannot tell us what is wrong. It has a huge effect on him. On his behavior. He cant enjoy stuff somedays bc he is just too tired. Our ped has recommended melatonin and at this point, i think its worth a try. We have tried so many other things. He goes down pretty easy most nights but the waking is the biggest issue. Has anyone here used melatonin for their kids so young? For similar circumstances (waking at night)?
Melatonin is usually beneficial for getting the child to sleep, but I don't know if it helps them stay asleep. The frequent night waking could be caused by his sleep deprivation state, and once he gets caught up they'll subside.

If the melatonin at the beginning of the night doesn't keep him asleep, I wouldn't give him any more to put him back to bed.

I might also push for sleep study of you find jay he melatonin isn't helping his night wakings.
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