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Eczema on lower stomach (where the diaper covers)

Around Thanksgiving my then 3 month old started developing a rash. Between then and now, we have gone to the pediatrician and he said it is eczema. In the past 3 weeks it has gotten much worse. Still just the same spot(s) on the lower stomach to his package and one very small spot on the inside of one thigh.

I have tried disposables, three different cloth diapers (Bumgenius, RaR's, & G's with prefolds), lanolin, cortisone cream, aquaphor, airing him out... I thought it was the PUL fabric on the inside of our BG's, so we removed those from our stash and it started to look a bit better, but now is pretty red again.

What am I not seeing? Why can't we get this under control? Is there a different cloth diaper/system we should try? Short of coconut oil, is there something else we should try putting on it? HELP! TIA!
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